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Inspire me Spring!

30 August 2009

As the weather begins to warm and gardens begin to bloom down under, it’s a reminder that spring is near. It is also the most popular wedding season and since the season begins in the Southern Hemisphere on September 22nd, now is the time to soak up the inspiration for your big day!

Décor & Centrepieces – My personal love for chandeliers is an obvious choice here but making use of candelabras and urns is just as effective. Spring calls for flowers in abundance and getting creative with how you display them is half the fun. You don’t need to spend a fortune to create an impact. Try mismatched pots filled with peonies or glass tumblers with anemones and carnations.

Colour – Pastels such as cool greens and pale pinks mixed with ivory are fab for a vintage spring feel. If you’re opting for a stronger look, vibrant contrasting colours like deep reds, hot pinks and gold create a stunning effect.

Bouquets – Opt for a bouquet filled made up of anemones, which have striking black centres and vibrant petals that range from red, purple, and fuchsia. For a more subtle and simplistic look, lilacs or nosegays comprised of sweet peas and miniature grape hyacinths are stunning.

The Shabby Chic Look – Personally one of my fave themes. Mix and match, contemporary with vintage and you can’t go wrong. Dress windowsills with candles and blooms in coloured mason jars and make potted combinations of rosemary, thyme, and other herbs for green centerpieces that serve as lovely take-home gifts.

Spring Fashion – Add a hint of colour to your gown by wearing a pistachio or pink hue either in a sash or hairpiece and consider fabrics that are lightweight to travel with such as batiste, charmeuse (a good satin-substitute) and damask for your wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses.

Candlelight - Candles help to create the ultimate soft and romantic ambience. To add a touch of spring to your candles, tie pastel coloured organza ribbons in a bow around clear glass votive cups. Perfect as guest wedding favours.

Backup Plan – Spring weather can be unpredictable even in the Southern Hemisphere so be sure to have a Plan B considered in case of inclement weather if you’re planning an outdoor wedding.


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What you need to know about getting married in New Zealand

Getting married in New Zealand has a simple application process with a relatively short turn-around time.

To get started, there is no residency period and it takes just a few days to be issued with your marriage license. If you’re looking to speed up the process and get some advice ididjeridoo is here to assist.

Wedding requirements as outlined by the New Zealand Births, Deaths and Marriages Office are:

•Decide on the desired location and the date for your marriage to take place.

•Select who will solemnize your marriage i.e. local registrar, civil marriage celebrant or minister of the church.

•Contact the New Zealand Births, Deaths and Marriages Office to obtain the ‘Notice of Intended Marriage Form’. Ididjeridoo are happy to lodge this form on your behalf.

•Where both the bride & groom-to-be do not normally live in New Zealand, a Commonwealth representative can witness the declaration. This can be arranged by contacting the nearest New Zealand diplomatic post.

•Once complete, send the form into the Registry Office (nearest to where you will be married) in New Zealand along with full payment (NZ$65). Again, ididjeridoo can take care of the Registry Office in New Zealand and have the form forwarded onto the person whom you have chosen to conduct your marriage ceremony.

•You should then arrange to visit this office once you have arrived in New Zealand.
•If either partner has had a previous marriage dissolved, you will need evidence of the dissolution or divorce.

•If you are under 20, you will need your parent’s permission to marry.
Once the Registry Office accepts the forms, a marriage license will be issued within a few days. The marriage license is valid for 3 months. Once again, if you want to hurry up the process, or if you are short of time, ididjeridoo are here to help!


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Kiwi brides defying recession

29 August 2009

I stumbled across this encouraging article in and thought it was worth sharing.

Kiwi brides defying recession says Urban Gourmet
12 Aug 2009

WEDDINGS: According to one of the country's leading event and catering companies, Urban Gourmet, New Zealand wedding couples are defying the economic downturn. While other costs are being cut, it seems that couples are still happy to invest in this milestone occasion.

'We have had more weddings booked for 2010 than in the past three years,' says Sophie Lister, Events Manager at Urban Gourmet. 'Even though times are tough, people are still getting married. They still want that dream wedding to look forward to.'

One side effect of the recession is that couples are doing more shopping around to find the best deals. Although they are still going ahead with their Big Day, Kiwis are not prepared to bankrupt themselves doing it. 'Because money is tighter, people are looking to get more bang for their buck' explains Sophie. 'On top of that, they are planning their weddings further ahead, in the hope that they can take advantage of early booking discounts.

'The format of weddings has also shifted. 'For example, less people are after a formal, sit down meal but the fork food style of catering has become much more popular. Couples want something that is elegant and delicious but isn't going to break the bank.'

Rachel Bowden and Christopher Shermer are one New Zealand couple who have not let the recession stand in the way of getting married. Despite some financial challenges, they are still determined to say their wedding vows. 'The economic downturn has had a massive impact on us as Chris was made redundant in February,' says Rachel. 'Even though we lost two thirds of our income, we still really wanted to go ahead with the wedding. We didn't want to postpone making that commitment to each other in front of all our friends and family.' 'We have had to make some changes due to cost,' adds Rachel. 'However, there are a couple of things we would prefer not to compromise on. For example, we are both big foodies, and appreciate excellent cuisine and fine wine so I am hoping we won't have to cut back on that. The dress is also something I wouldn't want to spend less money on. But if we have to slash our budgets further in order to get married, I wouldn't hesitate.

'I think it's hugely important, especially the way the economy is at the moment, for couples to keep reminding themselves that the wedding is about the two of them making a commitment to each other. Everything else is just material.

'Working to a tighter budget shouldn't stop anyone getting married. I think too many couples, including us, worry about having the best of everything and dwell on what the guests will think. But, in reality, the wedding is not for the guests, it is to celebrate the union of two people in love. This is the most important part, that shouldn't be forgotten.'


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ididjeridoo's stance on bridal headwear

25 August 2009

I love that nowadays brides are really opening up to the world of the untraditional when it comes to bridal fashion. Short dresses in place of long gowns, coloured fabric as opposed to white and my personal fave, hats instead of veils. The options are endless and again, my love affair with passion starts with the knowledge that there really is no hard and fast rule. If you love it, you can pull it off (with a bit of confidence). Wide-rimmed, top hats, feathered, custom made. I love them all and here’s just a few for inspiration.


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Where to begin planning

17 August 2009

Where do I start? Every newly engaged bride will always ask herself this question, even if she's been planning her big day since she was a child!! My advice is to begin by putting together a scrapbook or mood board.

Buy all the good quality wedding magazines you can find and pore over them, cutting out any special details and ideas that inspire you, to make an inspiration board. It will help you to visualise your wedding and will help you to communicate your vision to your suppliers.

Think about what inspires you, what you're passionate about, what makes you happy and have a brainstorming session over a glass of wine with hubby to-be, jotting down ideas and thoughts to formulate the overall concept for your wedding.

There are endless ways of incorporating your passions so buy a pinboard or a big scrapbook and add sample card, fabric swatches, clippings and images, anything that conveys colour, feelings, a particular mood and you'll begin to see your celebration take shape.


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Pioneer Patricia

Long before Carrie Bradshaw graced our screens with her fabulous outfits that perfectly clashed with her dramatic affairs, the famed designer behind Sex and the City, Patricia Field, to me was an icon. She is considered one of fashion's greatest visionaries.

An Academy Award nominated and Emmy Award winning film and television costume designer and boutique owner with her own clothing label; Patricia raised the standards for the world of television glamour when she costumed the most fashionable show in television history. Sex and the City’s stunning and always entertaining costuming was such an important part of the show's status as a cultural phenomenon and of course fashion editors, socialites, and celebrities alike soon adopted Patricia’s clothing and style philosophy. She is a true pioneer, stimulating a fashion movement throughout the world.

While the days of Sex and the City have come to an end, the exciting reign of Patricia Field lives on and for me personally, her motivation is inspiring.

To quote Ms Field ‘I use clothes to communicate how I feel about women. I want all women to understand that they are powerful.’

Patricia Field’s New York City megastore is my favourite place to browse and spend. 4,000 square feet of heaven on a stick. i.e crazy patterns, quirky headpieces and chunky accessories. It even offers hair and makeup services. It may be a little off the wall to consider Patricia Field's designs for your big day but her edgy fashion house offers bridal options from ready-to-wear girdles and corsets, satin garter belts with pockets to crystal chains. If you want to inject some colour and originality into your big day, I urge you to be inspired by Patricia’s quirkiness and style as much as I am.


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Cristina Re Designs

14 August 2009

There are so many stunning stationery designers out there that I could literally spend all my time sourcing (and drooling over) them. But Cristina Re stands out for me. Her beautiful designs draw me in and I recommend her work time and again because she’s not only incredibly gifted, but she has a passion for what she does.

Combining photographic skills with illustration and design, Cristina has tailored a unique selection of stationery featuring hand-illustrated patterns, soft pastel colours and vibrant metallic finishes with inspiring creativity.

The Cristina Re range includes over 300 products and sells to over 1000 stores Australia and New Zealand wide. The brand is led by Cristina’s driving motivation to inspire everyone to be creative with her products.


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Edible Creations

We're always on the look out for fab vendors to recommend and Edible Creations is next on the list!
Specialising in gorgeous cakes, gingerbread, pretty cupcakes and stunning bomboniere for special occasions, Edible Creations services Sydney and delivers Australia wide.
With precise attention to detail and a flair for design, owner, Belinda Hutchinson has a real passion for what she does. It’s evident in her gorgeous work. So visit and check out the blog at where you’ll find step by step instructions to make your own chocolate ganache!!!!!


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Newly Renovated Sydney Venue

12 August 2009

If luxury matters to you (and h2b) as much as it does me, The Sergeant's Mess is a sparkling waterfront venue that offers breathtaking Sydney harbour views that cannot be overlooked. Boasting elegance and privacy, this newly renovated gem has a style that pays homage to the understated glamour of the 1960s.


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Classic Carnation

7 August 2009

Never a lover of the flower myself, I knew little about the Carnation and always thought of them as a cheap substitute to the rose. But having recently spotted it in various blogs and magazines I must admit I’m a new fan!

I’ve learned some interesting facts about this versatile little blossom and I can’t resist passing them on.

Did you know Carnations have been cultivated in the East for thousands of years, and each colour has its own special significance? For example pink symbolizes a Mother’s love, red symbolize admiration and white, good luck. The flower itself supposedly means fascination, womanly love and devoted love.

From a bridal perspective, Carnations are available all year round in a wide range of colours (Florigene in Australia has developed a mauve carnation with blue edges) and sizes, and with proper care, carnations can last up to two weeks.
But by far the most fascinating fact about this ruffled, ball-shaped bloom is that they can be dyed … yep, any colour you wish!!

Here’s how …

Start with fresh white carnations, preferably some that are not fully opened and cut the stem at an angle.

* Fill a vase with room temperature water and add drops of food coloring. (If you use a narrow vase you won't need as much water and therefore your food colour will be darker).

* Put your flowers in the vase and keep in the refrigerator to stay fresh while they soak up the dye. They should start to pick up the colour quickly so keep watch.

* Sometimes only the tips will dye. If this happens, cut the stem again and put it in another vase with a different colour. You may end up with a multi-coloured carnation.

* Another trick is to split the stem all the way up and put one side of the stem in a vase with one colour and the other side of the stem in a vase with another color and you should end up with a carnation that is half one colour and half the other!


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NZ Sanctuary

6 August 2009

Known by few and nestled within the rolling hills of Hawke’s Bay with the Tuki Tuki River tumbling through it, Tom’s Cottage is a glorious sanctuary and one of New Zealand’s best-kept secrets.
The perfect escape, the cottage is surrounded by nature and breath-taking views, where the vineyards invite you, the river entices and the sunset over the Te Mata Peak beckons. Its simply New Zealand at its best.


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Ididjeridoo's top five planning tips

5 August 2009

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff

A wedding is full of thousands of details and there are bound to be a few hiccups along the way. Focus on the reason for the event - it's not to have the perfect band or the prettiest decor. It’s to celebrate your union.

2. Take time to savour the moments

So many couples report that their wedding was a whirlwind that they barely remember. Consider scheduling time to share a glass of champagne together and reflect for a moment. I would also recommend including a videographer in your budget to capture the day for you both to look back on. You’ll be amazed at how it brings back all the emotion and gives you an insight into things you may not have picked up on during the day.

3. Infuse your personality

Don't have a cookie-cutter wedding. Think about the things you cherish, how you met, your quirky tastes. If travel is your passion, consider naming tables after favourite places you've visited. To write your vows, take inspiration from old letters you exchanged when you first met. If there are different cultures in your union, why not incorporate them into your food menu and favours. These details will render your wedding a thousand times more special and memorable.

4. Don't be one of the herd

Don’t spend money on things just because you think it’s expected. If you don’t really want to hand out favours, then don’t. It’s your day and it should reflect your personalities, even your quirks. So spend your money on the things that count for you.

5. Be budget savy

Rather than accruing wedding debt, pay for it as you go. The number one thing couples fight about, according to psychologists and therapists, is money. You don't want to begin your married life quibbling over pennies and always remember this doesn’t mean you have to compromise.


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