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Our 1 year anniversary

30 October 2009

The Kiwi and I recently celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary - which came around like lightning! As the big day drew closer we started to discuss how and where we'd like to celebrate. Hsving just spent several months re-ecorating the house and then a month entertaining my parents who were visiting from Australia, we decided something low key and inexpensive was top priority.

So being the organiser that he is, Kiwi went off and booked a suite at boutique hotel about an hours drive south of London. Sounded brilliant to me. And brilliant it was.

Unassuming brick veneer on the outside but oh so decadent and cosy on the inside. We were escorted to the Scarlet Suite which boasts a king size four posted canopy bed, a bay window with chaise lounge, a large spa bath with candles and a sitting area that comprises of a comfy black 2-seater love seat, a wall mounted plasma (complete with a small box of soft adult material should you wish to indulge) and a rustic dining table for two with high backed leather chairs. It was perfect and Kiwi and I immediately soaked up the atmosphere with a bubble bath a bottle of bubbly. We later had our 3 course meal brought to our room and locked ourselves away in the splendour of it all.

All in all a memorable 1st anniversary with thanks to


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Facts about getting married in Australia (whether you’re an Aussie or not)

24 October 2009

Do we need to be Australian Citizens to marry in Australia? No. Anyone may marry in Australia providing you are both over the age of 18 and not already legally married.

What documents do we need to lodge? You will need to lodge a Notice Of Intended Marriage at least 1 month and 1 day and no more than 18 calender months before you marry. If you have organised a wedding celebrant they can help organise this on your behalf. Alternatively, we can help or you can download the form from the Attorney General's website.

Do we need to be in Australia or have lived in Australia for any given time before we can marry? No. If you wanted to you could marry the day that you arrive in the country, although you must have already lodged your Notice of Intended Marriage form.

Can I marry anywhere in Australia? Yes. Unlike the UK, in Australia you are permitted to marry on most beaches, parklands and gardens and buildings provided you have an authorised wedding celebrant or civil marriage celebrant to perform your wedding ceremony if it is outside of a church or synagogue.

Can we re-marry in Australia after being married in another country? No. The marriage is not legal if you are already married. You can however hold a renewal of vows ceremony or a commitment ceremony.

How many witnesses do we need? You need two witnesses present at your marriage ceremony who are over the age of 18. Any person can act as a witness, even your parents or siblings, however your wedding celebrant or religious minister cannot.

What other documents will I need to have with me to marry in Australia? You will need original birth certificates, passports, divorce decrees or death certificate.


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Spain & Weddings

18 October 2009

I recently spent a week travelling around Andalusia, soaking up the Mediterranean sun, indulging in delicacies and slurping on sangrias. It's a wonder how I managed to take note of the abundance of bridal stores that lined the cobblestone alleys of Seville.

I've always believed that nothing's too much when it comes to beautifying the bride. Elaborate head-dresses, sparkly stilettos, delicate solitaires, tear-drop earrings and let me tell you, there are more goodies for a bride in Spain than you could poke a stick at!!

Whilst on my travels I learned that Spain's bridal couture and accessories market is booming! According to those in the know, Spanish brides are opting for more expensive and adventurous fashion and this was made clear to me by the wonderful array of options on display in Seville.

When I delved further into my research I also learned that the Spanish spend more on weddings than their contemporaries anywhere else in the EU. Staggering figures show that the bridal sector in Spain is worth 6 billion Euros a year, half of which relates to dress sales.

The high season for bridal fashion is between May and September each year, when more than half the weddings in Spain take place; in 2005, over 209,000 couples celebrated their nuptials. This figure has been steady over the past decade although spending has increased enormously, partly due to the fact that brides and grooms now wait longer to get married … in style. A clear sign that every bride wants her day to be second to none!

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