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Fun Fair Wedding Ideas

22 December 2010

I have wonderful childhood memories of going to the fair and I recently chatted with a bride to be about ideas for her very own fun fair wedding.  Here are just some fab ideas to mull over.   
Hire a marquee and decorate with lanterns and splashes of simple but colourful decorations.

Hire fun fair rides such as victorian carousels, dodgems, ferris wheel etc.

A must for a fun fair wedding is tasty treats such as candyfloss, ice cream, and popcorn. Consider hiring a candyfloss and popcorn cart or ice cream van.

Having a sweet stand is a real talking point.

Incorporate balloons, fireworks and sparklers for evening celebrations.

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Start your new life together with a commitment to reducing your ecological footprint!

It's not 'all or nothing' when it comes to being environmentally conscious. There are so many little things you can do to make your wedding day and honeymoon 'eco friendly'.

Here's some ideas to get you headed in the right direction:

Start by inviting your guests to your wedding via an E-vite. It's not only better for the environment, but is also much better for your wallet! You can also do all your planning and budgeting online without having to print out a single page. There's obviously still something nice about a tangible invitation so if you do have your heart set on a traditional paper invite, opt for recycled paper and pre-loved envelopes.

Write a list of eco-stuff you would like and notify your guests. Choose items that are long lasting and quality made. You could also ask your guests for pre-loved or homemade items, for example provide them with a list of items you'd like and give them some second hand stores or websites where they could source these. Of course, it's also a great idea to provide your guests with one or a host of charities and/or organizations that you would like them to support on your behalf.

Buy a wedding dress that is made in NZ or Australia, rather than clocking up fuel miles flying it across the globe. Alternatively, buy a vintage or 'pre-loved' dress or consider altering a family members gown or use different parts of theirs to create your own. This can be your 'Something Old' or 'Something Borrowed'.

Instead of buying new rings for each other, melt down jewellery you no longer wear to create new, unique rings. Reset old jewels to design a ring that suits your own, personal style.

Use bubbles instead of confetti and then donate the bottles to your local nursery school.

Opt for environmentally friendly transportation to travel to the ceremony and reception such as a horse drawn carriage, a canoe, a hybrid car or a few bicycles. Alternatively plan your wedding in a location where your guests will not need to travel or need to rent accommodation. Better still, hold your wedding ceremony and reception at the same venue to avoid excessive driving.

Why not opt for a vegetarian wedding reception, serving local or organice wine (depending on your budget) and fair trade coffee and tea.

Use native tree seedlings as part of your table centrepieces which can double as eco-friendly favours, that your guests can keep in memory of your special occasion.

Ask your reception venue if they recycle bottles and paper, and find out whether they compost the food scraps. If not (and depending on OSH standards) see if you can arrange for a friend/guest to collect the food scraps for their compost heap.
If you're having an outdoor wedding, rent your dinnerware and glassware, instead of using throwaway plastics.

And for friends who cannot make it to your big event, have them email video clips that you can play at the reception!

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DIY Brides

18 December 2010

I've recently discovered Bedecked, an online treasure trove of lace and trimmings, ribbons and motifs.  They deliver direct to your home but also have a shop where they sell beautiful knitting yarns and fabrics, gift babywear and toys.

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How to plan your long distance wedding

14 December 2010

So you live here and your wedding will take place there.  How can you be sure that everything goes according to plan?

* Trawl the internet for inspiration.  Save websites to your favourites, makes lists and collect ideas.

* Keep a file (preferably two, one on your computer and one in a note/scrapbook) with all the relevant items you’ll need for your event i.e. flowers, catering, material samples, stationery, include photos and keep all receipts and invoices.  Always write down in a notebook topics of phone conversations, vendors consulted and the any correspondence so that you have a register of when and with who you exchanged transactions.

* Request vendors send samples of brochures and previous work.

* Get friends and relatives that live near the place where you wish to get married, to help out with menu tastings and standing in for vendor meetings etc.

* Send precise images of what you want to the florist.  It can be done by e-mail (note that colours differ from monitor to monitor) or directly by mail.  Send photos with examples of flowers or floral arrangements exactly like you want.  You can cut out pictures from magazines or photograph the flowers you want.

* If you are only able to physically meet your celebrant/officiant on your wedding day, ask for a script of the ceremony well in advance so you can negotiate changes if you wish.

Above all else, stay on top of everything by remaining calm and having fun with your planning.

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How to incorporate balloons into your wedding

1 December 2010

As far as decorations go, I’m not a huge fan of balloons at a wedding; I much prefer to see them at a child’s birthday party or something a little less formal but they are cheap as chips and if used correctly, can make a real statement.

Here’s some tips on how to decorate your venue with balloons without making it look like a school barn dance.

* Chose one colour rather than several mixed colours for a statement feature.
* Go for over-sized balloons for impact.
* Keep it simple. Try to think minimalism rather than over-crowding your venue when decorating with balloons.
* Use giant balloons as props during your photo shoots for an element of fun.


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Tips For Planning A Successful Wedding

Remember Your Guests
Your family and friends will have gone to some expense to enjoy your nuptials with you so ensure that you show your appreciation and include them. Out-of-town guests will benefit from a welcome basket or at the very least supply them with an itinerary. Guests who come to another city for a weekend for only one event will want to see more of you and share in your wedding events. Inviting them to your rehearsal dinner or a post-wedding brunch is a very kind and generous gesture.

Fabulous Decor
Pay attention to lines, textures and silhouettes. How do they make you feel? Implement elements such as flowers, candles, seashells, etc. Find out from your venue what type of restrictions you are working under i.e. no open flame, etc. If you can stretch the budget, do invest in some props to go with your theme or a lighting and staging company to help bring it all together.

Get Personal
Being unique definitely sets you apart in the minds of your guests. Step out of the ordinary with personal vows and toasts. Celebrate who you both are by incorporating ethnic and family traditions or perhaps display pictures as centerpieces.

Don’t Skip the Cocktail Hour
While you're off having all those fabulous photos taken, your guests are left at your reception site awaiting your arrival. Be generous and have sumptuous treats to greet them. Create an environment conducive to mingling and conversation with soft music playing in the background. Opt for Jazz classics, songs that make people feel like they are at something important. It also adds a sense of refinement to your event with butlered drinks being passed. It makes your guests feel important. Here is a chance to incorporate your personality by having a signature drink passed and available at the bar. Put up a little sign in a silver plated frame explaining the significance. Your guests will feel included and also get the chance to try something new!

Don’t Skimp on Food!
Good food and drinks make the party so even if your budget is limited, it's best not to have 300 guests fighting over nibbles and dips at your reception. The reception (including food) should take a big chunk out of your budget and it should show. If your choices and funds are tight, ask your caterer what they can do to help you out.

Whatever you choose a band or a DJ, make sure that they mesh with you and your personality. You also want them to reflect the overall theme and formality of the group (for example, no harpist at a country western wedding). Ensure music is playing through their breaks. Dead silence will definitely murder the fun at your party.

Get Help
It is always fun to meet someone who wants to hear about your wedding. Get your creative juices flowing, take advantage of vendor discounts and learn secrets of the industry by enlisting the help of a professional wedding planner. Everyone will have a job to do at your wedding. Yours will be to be the bride and to enjoy the first few hours of married life with your family and friends. While you may think you can handle an emergency during your wedding, more likely you cannot. Definitely enlist the help of a wedding planner to take on the stresses and organising that you can do without.


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