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An Australian Beach Wedding

7 February 2011

Are you planning to get married on the warm sand dunes of an infamous beach, or tie-the-knot ankle deep in crystal clear water in a tropical destination?  Or if the sand between your perfectly manicured toes doesn’t do it for you, why not exchange vows in one of the many beautiful waterside restaurants and function centres with sparkling views?

The beauty of planning a beach wedding is it’s relatively straight-forward.  Decide on the venue or beach you prefer and apply to the local council for permission to use the space.  Most council’s charge a minimal fee for use of public spaces, which covers insurance costs and reserves the spot for your use; but there are few things to keep in mind.  Here’s a brief checklist:

• Some beaches and public places require permits.  You should always check with the local council prior to your wedding day to make sure you follow all the correct procedures.

• If you’re planning a beach wedding, or any outdoor wedding, a wet weather plan is a must.  Monitor the Bureau of Meteorology’s website for a four-day forecast. Marquee hire companies need at least 24 hours notice if you need some last-minute shelter.

• If your wedding falls in the middle of summer, keep your sweltering guests in mind and have bottled water and sunscreen on hand to keep them cool and protected.

• Consider the time of year.  Keep a close eye on the calendar when booking your wedding ceremony to avoid being drowned out by nearby swimming or surfing competitions and remember, Aussie beaches get pretty crowded in the summer months!

• When booking your ceremony location find out whether other wedding parties have also booked the same venue, as there may be time restrictions on wedding ceremonies in public places.

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