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Going Green

10 July 2009

Going Green. Not the first thing most brides consider a priority on their big day, but eco-chic is in and there are loads of ways to make your wedding memorable and cost effective too!! Here’s just a few ideas.

1. Choose local suppliers to reduce carbon emissions and of course support your local economy. You will save on travel expenses too.

2. Reduce your decoration costs by booking an outdoor venue such as botanical gardens or a vineyard, which of course both Oz and NZ have an abundance of.

3. Opt for local, organic seasonal flowers, which are cheaper!

4. Make your own invitations on recycled handmade paper. There are many suppliers that can assist with this.

5. Celebrate with candlelight. Not only does it create a romantic ambience but also reduces your electricity bill.

6. Serve food on banana leaves or bamboo plates.

7. Recycle flowers used for the church into table centerpieces.

8. Collect jam jars and turn them into vases for your guest tables. Fill them with candles, pebbles or flowers.

9. Give favours that double as place cards such as engraved trinkets or wooden nametags.

10. When you're done with your flowers, why not deliver them to a local nursing home or church.


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